Watch Out Now: Sport Watches That Really Perform with TAG Heuer

The Fifth in an Eleventh-part Series.

Whether you opt for an inexpensive everyday watch or a limited-edition collector’s chronograph, the watch on your wrist plays a big part in defining your style. Undoubtedly, the best watch is going to be one that you wear, one that fits your budget and matches your lifestyle.

No matter what you’re looking for, now is the time to get it. In the ports of call, take advantage of tax-free, duty-free prices and pick up a designer watch for hundreds—even thousands—of dollars less than what you’d pay back at home.

So even if you’ve never thought about buying a watch before—or if you’ve thought about it and didn’t know where to start—rest assured it’s not as…complicated as it looks. We asked Keith W. Strandberg, the international editor of the industry-standard Watch Journal, to put together an insider’s guide to the world of fine timepieces.

And so, welcome to Watch Wednesday–it’s watches 101 combined with a trend and news roundup.

You don’t have to settle for one of those unattractive black plastic watches to wear to the gym or to the pool. Today’s sport watches are designed to take whatever you can dish out—and to look great on your wrist while taking it. The top watch companies lab-test their designs to destruction under every conceivable condition (extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, pressure, and more) and replicate the effects of years of usage. Which means that if your watch says it is good to wear to depths of 100 meters, you can rest assured it is.

A leader in luxury sport watches, TAG Heuer pioneered the introduction of the nearly indestructible timepiece designed for day-to-day use. The timepieces go through a sixty-point testing process for water, pressure, UV aging, extreme temperatures, external factors like salt water and sweat, vibration, shock, friction, and more—including general wear and tear. The thorough process allows the company to claim one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry.

The latest model is the Carrera Calibre 5. Powered by the super accurate Calibre 5 movement, the sleek, automatic watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with antireflective coating, and a polished steel case and bezel that accentuate the iconic design, with a wide, easy-to-read dial and a shock-resistant, water-resistant case good to 100 meters.

The time-tested Carrera line debuted in 1963. The first chronograph specifically designed for professional drivers, it was inspired by the legendary Carrera Panamericana Mexico Road Race.

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