Travel Documents

Some of our favorite journals, in no particular order.


1. Scratch & Go

Combining the functionality of a travel planner, a checklist, a diary, a translator, and an interactive map, this Travelogue journal is the ultimate on-the-go companion. And the scratch-off-where-you’ve-been maps are super fun.

Field Notes

2. Take Note

Made from durable material that’s great for jotting down an idea while traveling in the outback—or, you know, lounging on a Caribbean beach—Field Notes memo books are handsome, versatile, and highly addictive.


3. Made In Detroit

Shinola, the Detroit-based brand dedicated to reviving the American manufacturing industry, makes its journals by hand and fills them with paper sourced in Michigan—and we love them as much as we love our Moleskines.

Beach Book

4. Sun, Sand & Paper

We can’t think of a better motto to get behind than the one on this book from Amara. We especially love the elastic band on the spine, which keeps our pens and pencils from disappearing in the depths of our over-stuffed beach bag.

Travel Journal Tips

Digital Pen


Still feel the need to go digital? Moleskine has you covered with its fresh Livescribe Notebooks. The classic Moleskine journal works with smartpens to capture and transfer notes and images from paper to your computer or device, giving you the ability to access your ideas whenever you need them. The journal runs you $29.95; the latest version of the digital plume, the Livescribe 3, starts at $149.95. It’s not cheap. A pencil, on the other hand, is. The choice is yours.

Expert advice from our editors to help you tell the story of your journey.

  • Get a good notebook. We love the digital age but nothing compares to writing by hand in a solid journal you are proud to carry.
  • Use a good pen. We recommend retractable fine point Sharpies.
  • Find your writing nook, a secluded spot that’s your go-to getaway on the ship. Retreat there daily and empty your brain onto the page.
  • Do not fear the white blank page.
  • Don’t just transcribe your schedule, describe your days.
  • Make note of what you hear—the song on the radio in the background, the sound of glasses clinking
    together in a toast.
  • Write down snippets of conversations you overhear, even if they’re from strangers.
  • Describe someone nearby who you don’t know. It’s an innocent act that can give you a bit of a voyeuristic rush.
  • If you are listening to a travel playlist, write it down.
  • Note the funny thing your friend said at dinner or the joke your sister told that had everyone in tears. Writing down the things that make you literally lol helps cement the joyful moments in your memory.

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