Top 5 Culinary Tours

The pleasure of a vacation is not just about the tan you acquire on the outside, it’s also about the delicious delicacies that fill you up on the inside. Remember these tours when you’ve whetted your appetite for Caribbean cuisine.

1Cartagena Culinary Delights, Cartagena

A food-lover’s joy, the Culinary Delights Tour promises an authentic cooking experience with all the enticing Colombian flavors. Renowned chef Jorge Escandon, featured on the Travel Channel’s No Reservations, will take you to the bustling Getemanzi open-air market, where you’ll choose ingredients to prepare your own lunch at the celebrated Bazurto Social Club.

Culinary excursions, Caribbean

2A Taste of Jamaica Lunch at Good Hope Great House, Jamaica

After a tour of the historic and beautifully restored Good Hope Estate and Great House, take in a five-star view and a three-course lunch. Start with a crisp salad, enjoy the herb rice and traditional Jamaican dishes such as curried chicken with mango chutney, fried plantains, coconut drops, and banana muffins—all made with ingredients from around the estate.

Jamaican marinated bbq chicken

3Caribbean Cooks, St. Kitts

West Indian cooking meets culture during this culinary adventure. At Fairview Great House and Botanical Gardens, regional dishes are prepared before your eyes as you and the chefs discuss ingredients, folklore, and African, European, and Indian cooking techniques. Take your dinner into the dining room, where you’ll find warm, authentic colonial decor and a satisfying meal.

Culinary excursions, Caribbean

4Antiguan Experience, Antigua

After a tour of lush tropical gardens, pineapple farms, and fishing villages, you’ll have worked up quite an appetite. Meet Mamma Nancy, who will entertain you with Antiguan stories while a chef cooks lunch in front of you. Only the freshest locally grown vegetables are used. You’ll feast on Caribbean delicacies while listening to a steel drum or a reggae band.

Culinary excursions, Caribbean

5Salsa, Salsa and Margaritas, Cozumel

Take a break from being waited on and make something tasty with your own two hands. Following the lead of two chefs, you’ll dive into making different salsas, a staple of Cozumel cuisine. Fiery red salsa, tangy green salsa, pico de gallo, mango/melon salsa, and Oaxacan guacamole are all on the menu. And for dessert? Try a rompope (eggnog) dessert salsa and wash it down with a strawberry margarita.

Culinary excursions, Caribbean

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