Today’s Tech-Savvy Travel Apps

These four apps are where it's at.

Tech-Savvy Travel Apps

Travel Phone Apps

The mobile market is inundated with travel apps. Navigating your way through, in search of something truly useful, can often turn into a never-ending treasure hunt. Fret not readers, for we sent Christa Avampato trekking into the digital frontier on a fact-finding mission. Here is her report on four must-have travel apps.

Whatsapp (iOS & Android)

Now texting and calling is made easier, and cheaper, no matter where you are in the world. Whatsapp pulls info from your contact list and populates your Whatsapp directory, allowing you to call and text directly from it. The best part is it utilizes your data plan instead of minutes, so staying in touch with the homeland, whether traveling or living abroad, is more convenient than ever before.

PackPoint (iOS & Android)

You spend so much time planning a great vacation, don’t get caught off guard by a packing faux pas once the suitcases come unzipped. PackPoint puts worry to rest. Enter your dates and destinations, and the app whips up a packing list that includes essentials, clothing, accessories, and gadgets. It considers the predicted weather and customizes for the activities you’re planning. No wonder the Apple App Store featured it as a Best New App.

Piper (iOS)

You’re in a foreign country and unsure about the tipping protocol. Even if you have no signal in your far-off land, this will be your gratuity lifeline. Just open the travel tipping app, select the country, and Piper will serve up the proper tipping protocols. No connection required, embarrassment and insult avoided.

SkyZen (iOS)

Jet lag is precious vacation time wasted and SkyZen is designed to help you hit the ground running. It works in conjunction with a wristband; just plug in your flight information, date, and travel class. SkyZen will then get you on a schedule with a customized regimen before, during, and after your trip to retrain your body’s sleep and wake cycles to minimize jet lag.

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