Dont Sweat It

Don’t Sweat It

Upscale deodorants have come a long way from the days of talcum powder and Old Spice.
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Woman Meditating

Just Say Om

Meditation is the 21st-century way to get some Zen.
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Yoga For Travelers

Yoga for Travelers

Start off your vacation on the right foot and leave daily stressors back on the mainland.
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Hannah Crum Feature

DIY Kombucha

To start: 1 cup of sugar 6 tea bags a scoby distilled water tea kettle large glass or stainless steel container for brewing cloth ...
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Turn Travel Into Career Feature

Turning Travel into a Career

These travelers turned an epic sense of wanderlust into full-fledged jobs. Here’s how you can, too.
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Turmeric Recipe Feature

Golden Milk Recipes

Basic Turmeric Latte 1 to 2 tsps turmeric to taste (powdered or fresh and grated) 1 tsp coconut sugar 2 TBS coconut oil Several pi...
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Snapchat Feature

Send It in a Snap

Snapchat isn’t just for teens and tweens anymore.
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Soul Supplements Feature

Soul Supplements

Moon Juice products are magic in a bottle.
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