The Bermuda Rum Cake Company

1 Maritime Lane
Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda

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General Information

Traditional Bermuda-made rum cakes in the micro bakery. Free rum-cake samples available in the Cakery. Made with Goslings Black Seal Rum. Cleared for ship and airline travel with free daily delivery to all ships.

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3 Reviews for “The Bermuda Rum Cake Company

  • Sam

    These are the best rumcakes and they got every single flavor to try plus it is made in Bermuda as you can visit in Dockyard and see how it is made

  • Carol

    I also recommend this one is the real Bermuda rum cake made in Bermuda with the Bermudian rum. Do not make mistake with other rum cakes made in the us

  • Cathy

    I highly recommend this cakes, they have all flavours to samples, they are made in Bermuda and carry the traditional Bermuda Rum

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