Salmon Etc.

322 Mission Street
Ketchikan, Alaska

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General Information

Locally owned and operated for 30 years. Go to where some of the best salmon and halibut go. Large variety of fresh seafood shipped direct to your doorstep. Hand-packed, hand-filleted, smoked products. Top-of-the-line salmon jerky. Alaska reindeer sausage and much more. Of course, lots of free samples.

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One Review of “Salmon Etc.

  • susan steffani

    one of the reasons i book Ketchikan = love this shop! the samples of reindeer sausage and salami’s and the variety of salmon canned and packaged in plastic = great quality. Coming back again in Sept. 2015 for the red label smoked salmon – the best when mixed with cream cheese – fast and easy dip for parties. Love you guys, see ya next year!

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