Pandora Store

Heerenstraat 4B
Willemstad, Curaçao

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World-renowned for hand-finished, contemporary jewelry, Pandora creates, manufactures, and markets pieces made from high-quality materials. Visit the boutique in the heart of Punda to create your unique collection today.

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5 Reviews for “Pandora Store

  • karen rhein

    On June 6th I was at your store on a Carnival Cruise. I purchased 2 charms that were supposed to cost $50.00 each. I was going through receipts last week and found the receipt from your store. The price I was charged was $99.00 each. I don’t believe I signed for this. It should have been 1/2 price. Please help me understand this.

    • PortShopping Spree

      Hi Karen,

      We are exclusive partners with Royal Caribbean International and its sister company Celebrity Cruises.

  • Charlene Karlais

    Good morning,

    My husband bought me a charm from Curacao and I have misplaced it. Is there any way to get another one online somehow?

    Thank you,

  • Pat Walls

    I recently visited your store in Caracas but you were out of the charm. Is there a way I can order one

  • Karen

    Hi I was at your store in November and I wanted to buy a curacao charm how do I go about getting one? Thank you Karen

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