Mister Emerald

3-99 Calle San Juan De Dios, Walled City,
Cartagena, Colombia

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General Information

In the heart of the Walled City, Lee Miles, US emerald expert, provides certified Colombian emeralds in 18K gold and silver. Custom in-house designs in handmade settings. US customer service phone lines. One-year guarantee. Friendly atmosphere. VIP card from your Port & Shopping Guide for a special discount. Look for the green awnings.

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One Review of “Mister Emerald

  • Trudy

    Mister Emerald is the place to purchase emeralds. The staff and owner are honest, educated and welcoming individuals . I compared their prices, quality of Emerald and style of ring with five other stores there that sold emeralds and Mister Emerald had the best to offer. Thank you Mister Emerald!!!

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