Los Cinco Soles

Ave. Rafael E. Melgar at Calle 8 Norte
San Miguel, Cozumel, Mexico

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General Information

Folk art and handicrafts from all over Mexico. Mexican art, crafts, glass, and pottery. Every taste, every budget: .925 silver, clothing, souvenirs, and collectibles. Best Buy: Los Cinco Soles natural gourmet vanilla from $4.25.

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2 Reviews for “Los Cinco Soles

  • Susan Croy

    I love this store and Panchos Backyard resteraunt attached. I purchased some beautiful things the last time I was there, Nov. 7,2018. Making it my 6th visit. I really wish I could order online as there were other items I wanted. Just have to wait for next cruise.

  • Pamela S. Myers

    We have cruised to Cozumel 3 times and heading back there in May, This shop is a must stop. I have collected some of the most beautiful dishes from there and will be adding to my collection next May. Their products are wonderful and the store is so beautifully laid out. Just wish you could order online.

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