Lili Bermuda

Butterfield Place
67 Front Street
Hamilton, Bermuda

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General Information

The aromatic reflection of Bermuda. Sold exclusively on the island. Fragrances created on Bermuda since 1928. Pure perfumes, eau de toilettes, body lotions, shower gels, French-milled soaps, and gift sets for both ladies and gentlemen. Breathe in the essence of the island’s natural beauty at the Hamilton boutique on Front Street. Scents of cedarwood, spring freesias, juicy loquats, ocean salt sprays, and island air.

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2 Reviews for “Lili Bermuda

  • Carol

    It is pricy but I purchased one for my sister in low and it has lasted, she loves it

  • Cathy

    I purchase this perfume but only one location in Hamilton, anyways worth the trip on ferry

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