Carole Holding Bermuda Shop

Location 1 Heritage Wharf
Dockyard, Bermuda

Location 2 The Clocktower Mall
Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda

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General Information

Bermuda exclusive art, gifts, and T-shirts. Carole’s exclusively designed art, china, jewelry, preserves, and rum cakes. Free gift with $50 purchase. Free daily tasting of Carole’s Bermuda onion marmalade and award-winning rum cakes at both shops in Dockyard. Special purchases with raffle ticket for every purchase. Strawberry jam with champagne and other preserves.

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3 Reviews for “Carole Holding Bermuda Shop

  • Elizabeth Dillon Sullivan

    the shop had an amazing selection of gifts! Carol takes extreme care in helping shoppers !! I had a lovely experience shopping and chatting with Carol!!! I had shopped at her store previously, always a delightful experience!!!! She is an amazing artist and a lovely person!!I I hope to do Christmas shopping on line as well!!! While visiting Bermuda, be sure to pop in !!!

  • Gertrude

    I love this store, if you spend more than $50 the shop’s owner Vanessa gives you a free keychain, free sand ornement and you get to pick any free picture.

  • Gina

    I visit Bermuda last month I was here to get gifts and met Vanesa the owner of this shop
    She was very nice to us give me 2 free rumcakes for my mom unfortunately the rumcakes are from U.S no from Bermuda

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