Calypso Rum Cake Shop

Bridgetown Cruise Terminal
Bridgetown, Barbados

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General Information

Calypso rum cakes available in 4, 16, and 32 ounces. Flavors: lemon ginger, vanilla, coffee, and chocolate. Calypso sauces. 100% Blue Mountain Coffee and rum coffee products, and taffy.

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5 Reviews for “Calypso Rum Cake Shop

  • George Rogers

    This was the best rum cake I ever had! The coffee 4 ounce was filling and very delicious . Keep it up, Calypso!

  • Pearl Archibald

    I bought this cake at the airport, I sampled the cakes and loved them my favourite was the lemon and ginger and I bought some back for work and friends all who tasted it loved it. Hope I can find it here in England.

  • Eamon Finn

    I bought 3 rum cakes at the airport when we left Barbados. It was my first taste of this cake and won’t be my last. Is there somewhere in London I can purchase this?

  • Rishi Agarwal

    I bought these rum cakes back for my work colleagues in Toronto Canada – and they all couldn’t believe how good it was … I want to buy more – is it possible to have them shipped to Canada?

  • juliette ally

    I bought the Great Cake on a recent visit to Barbados and everyone in my family was crazy about it. Can I purchase this cake at anytime for shipment to my home in New Jersey?

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