Calypso Rum Cake Shop

Bridgetown Cruise Terminal
Bridgetown, Barbados

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General Information

Home-style rum cakes only available in Barbados. Made with generous portions of premium local rum. Available in lemon ginger, coffee, vanilla, and chocolate flavors. Sizes include 4, 16, and 32 ounce and our popular 4×4-ounce gift pack. Unbeatable daily discounts.

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5 Reviews for “Calypso Rum Cake Shop

  • George Rogers

    This was the best rum cake I ever had! The coffee 4 ounce was filling and very delicious . Keep it up, Calypso!

  • Pearl Archibald

    I bought this cake at the airport, I sampled the cakes and loved them my favourite was the lemon and ginger and I bought some back for work and friends all who tasted it loved it. Hope I can find it here in England.

  • Eamon Finn

    I bought 3 rum cakes at the airport when we left Barbados. It was my first taste of this cake and won’t be my last. Is there somewhere in London I can purchase this?

  • Rishi Agarwal

    I bought these rum cakes back for my work colleagues in Toronto Canada – and they all couldn’t believe how good it was … I want to buy more – is it possible to have them shipped to Canada?

  • juliette ally

    I bought the Great Cake on a recent visit to Barbados and everyone in my family was crazy about it. Can I purchase this cake at anytime for shipment to my home in New Jersey?

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