Smile-Worthy Selfie Sticks

The most useful, yet ridiculous-looking, travel accessory ever.

Love them or hate them, selfie sticks are here to stay. These portable, extendable camera holders are perhaps the most ridiculous-looking-yet-useful travel accessory to hit the market since the fanny pack. No more extreme close-ups of two or three faces in front of the Eiffel Tower. No more giant arm taking up half the shot.

But not all selfie sticks are created equal. These models will help you take the most postable self-portraits and group shots during your next trip.

Say, “cheesy accessory.”

Selfie Stick Products

1The Stick That Started It All

Hailed as the original selfie stick, Quik Pod’s lineup includes extending handles for your iPhone, GoPro, and DSLR. Each features a mini-mirror that allows you to frame your selfie on devices without front-facing cameras.

Quik Pod, starting at $29.95 |

2Light and Sized Right

Weighing in at less than five ounces, cliqStick is portable and reliable. It folds down to under eight inches, easily fitting in a purse or backpack.
Anti-rotate grooves keep the phone upright, no matter how far you extend the handle.

CliqStick $29.99 |

3Go Wide

The GoGo selfie stick extends to a whopping forty-two inches, allowing you to squeeze a lot of friends and scenery into self-portraits. It’s one of the longest sticks on the selfie market.

GoGo Robots $24.99 |

4Steady As She Goes

A flimsy selfie stick leads to blurry images. The Gorilla Gear complete selfie kit features a super-strong extendable arm that won’t bend under the weight of tablets or bigger smartphones.

Gorilla Gear $24.99 |

5Extreme Videos

Created by a self-proclaimed “crazy Alaska native,” the ThrillPro is designed for extreme selfies. The stick can go underwater—even in saltwater—making it perfect for divers and surfers.

The Alaska Life $39.95 |

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