Stuttgart City Library Feature

Reading Rooms

The most stunning libraries around the world are shrines to the printed word and more.
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AeroMobil’s 5.0 VTOL
As aerodynamic as a race car and as sophisticated as a private plane, this PAV opens its wings like the petals of a flower in less than three minutes for a joyride in the sky. In the air, it runs on an internal combustion boxer engine. When it hits the road, it switches to a hybrid electric system.

Sky Traffic

Personal Aviation Vehicles, or PAVs, are about to radically transform your morning commute.
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Printed Matters Feature

Floral Bloom

A medieval Spanish monastery, brought brick by brick to America by William Randolph Hearst, plays host to floral print fashions.
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Japanese Whisky Feature

Japanese Whisky

The best whisky comes from the land of the rising sun.
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Tilda Swinton Feature

The Many Faces of Tilda

It’s hard to think of another actor as recognizable, and yet, as unknowable.
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Mac DeMarco By Coley Brown

Q&A with Mac DeMarco

The mellow crooner sat down with our editors to give us the scoop on the musical influences behind his latest—and most personal—album yet.
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Apple Park Rendering

Apple’s New Home

Steve Jobs’ last project is finally move-in ready.
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Katja Novitskova, Pattern of Activation (planetary bonds), 2015.

Art of the Orient

China looks to expand its influence on the international art market with a crop of new museums, galleries, and artists.
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