Luxury Luggage

From steamer trunks to duffel bags to four-wheeled carry-ons, it's luxury luggage like never before.

Woman Carrying LuggageFrom steamer trunks to duffel bags to four-wheeled carry-ons, luxury luggage is on offer like never before. Long-time manufacturers of expertly designed, timeless gear—such as Rimowa, Globe-Trotter, and Longchamp—have continued to impress travelers and trend-watchers with their durable, elegant products, many of which are the perfect accompaniment for a multi-day sea excursion.

For sleek and snazzy, German luggage maker Rimowa is the default choice. Inspired by the corrugations of the legendary F13 aircraft, the grooved exterior of Rimowa’s high-tech aluminum and polycarbonate luggage evokes a feeling of freedom and adventure, underscored by the ultra lightweight material. An innovator since 1898, Rimowa’s most recent upgrades include a slick electronic luggage tag, embedded TSA lock, and a modified wheel system for optimal maneuverability. The iconic Classic Flight and the newly redesigned Topas collections form the backbone of Rimowa’s product line, with their distinctive metallic exteriors and uncomplicated rectangular shape.

Travelers wanting a little extra flair served alongside their durability can choose from Rimowa’s colorful, nimble collections inspired by tropical dances. The Salsa, Salsa Air, and Salsa Deluxe models combine ease of movement with high-end features. Take the 3-Suiter: it includes two separate chambers within the case to keep clothing and travel items apart, along with a built-in garment bag and integrated shirt bag. The Bolero’s vest-like front pocket adds an additional, easily accessible storage compartment, while the Limbo’s slimline silhouette makes for ease of storage. The Bossa Nova, meanwhile, strikes a lovely pose with classic Rimowa grooves in a one-of-a-kind jet green hue.

In search of the quintessential travel accessory for the ages? Look no further: Globe-Trotter has been handcrafting luxury luggage for 120 years. The English company’s beautiful leather suitcases and trunks accompanied Queen Elizabeth II on her royal honeymoon in 1947, Edmund Hillary on his ascent up to Everest base camp in 1953, and Winston Churchill during his tenure as Chancellor of the Exchequer in the 1920s. With such illustrious clientele, Globe-Trotter’s premier services must be its made-to-order, bespoke, and design-and-build options—perfect for that personalized steamer trunk—offered strictly at its flagship store in London. But the purveyor of some of the world’s finest luggage sells an array of cases for every traveler: standard and extra-deep suitcases, vanity and jewelry cases, air cabin and trolley cases (British for wheeled hand luggage), attachés, bowling bags, handbags, and even purses and make-up bags.

Globe-Trotter’s elegant Original collection, a direct descendant of the company’s very first suitcase models from over a century ago, features clean leather exteriors in stately brown or navy, with vulcanized fiberboard corners and classic silver clasps. Additional styles feature the distinctive double-strap design across the surface of each case, crisp cotton-lined interiors, and a tremendous range of colors: the vivid blacks, oranges, reds, and English garden-inspired light pink of the Centenary and Emilia collections (from $1,200); the gorgeous ivory and woody brown of the Safari collection (from $1,200); the Urushi-lacquered burgundy of the Orient collection (from $2,000); and, of course, the inviting royal blue of the aptly-named Cruise collection (from $1,200).

Paris-based Longchamp mixes modern and classic styles with its durable, but lightweight luggage line. The luxury leather goods company, founded during the postwar renaissance of French fashion, produces hard-shell and canvas suitcases and bags, as well as its trademark, premium-quality leather items. The sophisticated Boxford line (from $325) combines sturdy canvas with chic leather details in a business-forward collection of suitcases and hand luggage, while the hard-shell Boxford+ (from $475) offers additional protection for clothes and travel articles with its tough, sleek exterior. The Fairval line (from $590) features all hard-shell exteriors with a textured, ridged finish and bold colors. Replete with leather details, despite the collection’s futuristic design, the bags come in various sizes for adventures of any length. It is the stylish Nyltec ($690), however, with a nod to Longchamp’s renowned Le Pliage handbag (from $895), that merges elegance and high performance in a uniquely designed four-wheeled travel bag. By air, sea, or land, your duds will arrive at any destination gingerly and in style.

For casual, tote-able togs, American bag maker Rule #5 offers up canvas and glossy backpacks and messenger bags (from $200) with excellent space-saving ability in California style. Canada-based Herschel Supply Co. sells canvas duffle bags (from $199), backpacks, and hard-shell hand luggage in liquid white, soft earth tones, and pastel colors evoking the freshness of the Canadian Pacific. What could be more appropriate for an adventure on the high seas?

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