It’s All Greek to Me

A photo essay of the Greek Isles.

Greece is the sort of place that teaches you how to be on vacation. Whether on the country’s mainland or strolling on one of its magnificent islands, you’ll encounter idyllic destinations where the people are just as warm as the sights are beautiful. This region captivates visitors year after year with its bright, vivid colors, white-washed architecture, sun-kissed beaches, and awe-inspiring history that can be experienced at sites from quiet monasteries to sprawling ancient ruins. For me, the hardest part about traveling to Greece is knowing when to put the camera down—not that I’m complaining.

To celebrate the sentiment of enchantment, we present a photo essay of various destinations I recently had a chance to visit during a Greek Isles voyage: Kos and Mykonos, Greece, and Kusadasi, Turkey, where we experienced an amazing evening at Ephesus. Kos is famous for its temperate climate and rich vegetation—and also happens to be the birthplace of Hippocrates. Much of the hilly island of Mykonos is sprinkled with churches, and the travel destination is well-known for its stunning architecture and Little Venice neighborhood.

The charms of daily life of the Greek Isles take place under a glowing sun, and no matter where you turn, you’re sure to find a picture-perfect moment. Happy traveling, and here’s to some amazing photos.

Mykonos Greece

Sailing into Mykonos
The white-washed walls of the charming town are a stark contrast to a colorful sunset reflected off the rippling sea.

Mykonos Attractions

(Left Image) Mykonos
The signature white architecture is offset by stunning blue accents coming in the form of doors, wrought-iron balcony railings, garments, and sunny skies.
(Right Image) AzAmazing Evening at Ephesus
A performer stands among the magnificent ruins that are all that’s left of Ephesus, once the greatest city of the Mediterranean.

Mykonos Sights

(Left Image) Kos
The seaside city is awash with charm and soaked in history and ruins.
(Right Image) Mykonos
The serene landscape is so picture-perfect it almost seems to border on the unreal.

Greek Isle

(Left Image) Kos
The verdant Greek Isle—the third largest in the Dodecanese—is host to a thriving landscape.
(Right Image) Ephesus
The famous ruins appear even more striking in the evening light.

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