Image Conscious

Tips and tricks for a year of traveling well.

Our award-winning travel photographer, Jenna Pimentel, shares her expert advice on capturing the moment and snapping envy-worthy vacation shots.

Pimentel has traversed the globe on assignment for luxury publications. Her work (shown here and on the previous page) captures the allure of exotic destinations while depicting the often unseen local people and cultures. The vivid backdrops and blasts of colorful contrast are hallmarks of her collections.

Ashdod Jerusalem

Tip 1
Rule of Thirds
For more visually appealing pictures, divide your image into an imagined tic-tac-toe board. The most important compositional elements to be placed along those imaginary lines or intersections.

Catherines Palace

Tip 2
Sometimes, you don’t need the obvious big picture to get your point across. the small elements can often tell A story just as well, or better.

Mykonos Greece

Tip 3
Be Observant
Always be aware of your surroundings; sometimes the best images are off the beaten path. While others are taking pictures of the standard monument or building, pay attention to what else in the area might portray the destination better.

Spilt Blood Russia

Tip 4
Get Up High or Down Low
Think about angles that might make your pictures different from the rest. Sometimes lying on the floor or standing high on steps changes the perspective of the object you are photographing.

Benoa Market

Tip 5
Make the Ugly Beautiful
People are sometimes leery of taking pictures of things that are not perfectly beautiful. Try to think outside that box and see things in a different light. Instead of shooting the obvious flowers, why not travel to the local fish market instead?

Selguk Market

Tip 6
Capture People in Their Element
I have found that some of my most interesting pictures are those of the local people. Nothing speaks more about a culture than the people who live it on a daily basis. Take time to interact with the locals and experience the deepest form of travel.

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