I’m on a Boat

We’ve rounded up some of the best men’s style tips to help you look hot while staying cool in the Caribbean heat.

Ship Style

Have you had a chance to catch a Caribbean sunset yet? The sky puts on quite the show, transitioning from the bright blue of the late afternoon into pink, orange, yellow, and finally dark purple as the last light of day reaches the earth. The shimmering turquoise waters reflect that natural kaleidoscope, doubling the effect. The air all around you seems to glow—the Caribbean aura is what we like to call it.

And not in the metaphysical sense. You can quite literally see the air glowing around you. It has to do with latitudes and longitudes, and the angle of the sun’s rays as they reach the earth in this part of the world. It’s pretty spectacular. It’s pretty inspiring. And it’s pretty bright.

But that’s not the only reason why you’ll see that wardrobes in the region mirror the bright hues of the sunsets. It’s because those are the colors that look best down here, what with the bright light and all. It’s science—the same science that makes seasonal wardrobes transition from the dark greens and light browns of fall to the charcoal grays and winter whites of the subsequent season, which soon give way to the pastel hues that dominate the spring. Then it’s back to the bold, bright hues that sartorially define the summer months. Contrary to what you may believe, the fashion cycles aren’t like Hallmark holidays—they weren’t just invented for the sake of commerce but rather because the seasonal changes dictate a necessary change of wardrobe so we don’t clash with our environment.

But that doesn’t apply in the Caribbean, where it’s perpetually summer and the light is always bright. Here, bold hues are always in fashion. Which can make even the most fashion-conscious male a little wary. Even David Granger, the editor in chief of Esquire magazine, says he is overwhelmed by the ever-growing number of options: “In men’s style, the last decade has been characterized by a massive expansion of choices.”

So how does one even start working colors into one’s wardrobe? To answer this question, we turned to reddit, specifically to this subreddit: /r/malefashionadvice. There, a user named LiveMethod writes: “When you’ve got a loud piece of clothing, anchor it by making the other pieces more subdued.” He also suggests that you pick one article of clothing and make it really pop. “Go for big, bold patterns. Thick, colored stripes on white backgrounds, large geometric patterns, shirts made with a few big solid blocks of color….Pair any of these with white and a little bit of honey, and you’re solid.”

We took that advice and rounded up some travel style suggestions for any of our boat-bound readers…as well as anyone sailing on a ship. The main takeaway should be that style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can look good, feel great—and even stay cool, if you stick to materials like cotton.

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