Family Matters

If you thought the modern luxury experience wasn’t for kids, think again.

Family Matters Kids Technology

One of the best parts of a vacation is spending time with friends and family, bonding over activities you don’t find time to do at home. Group art projects. A pickup game of basketball. An exciting Xbox tournament. That’s why Celebrity offers a whole range of modern, upscale activities and programs created with the whole family in mind.

And when family time is over, kids, tweens, and teens will be happy to know the ships have expansive areas geared toward specific age groups: the Fun Factory for kids and the X-Club for teens. Scheduled activities and chaperoned children’s programs happen from morning to night, often for no extra charge. There are also engaging CelebrityLife Activities created to help discerning younger travelers discover new passions. Altogether, it’s an unparalleled experience for kids and their families.

Kids’ Camp at Sea

Celebrity’s year-round, fleet-wide Kids’ Camp at Sea opens up the world for junior cruisers and teen guests through enriching and inspiring experiences. Designed as more than aimless entertainment, the program is built around four pillars: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), art, recreation, and culinary projects.

From Anturus Explorer Academy’s “Adventure Through Science” to Lonely Planet for Kids “You Rule” activities; from Recreation Nation’s whacky twists on popular recreational activities to Budsies’ custom stuffed animals, unique experiences await on board. And what kind of camp would it be without traditional favorites like s’mores, sing-alongs, arts and crafts stations, and camp games? Celebrity’s Kids’ Camp at Sea has all this and a whole lot more.

Kids Playing Video GamesLike playing games? Try: Experience Xbox

Celebrity offers one of the largest Xbox experiences at sea—with more dedicated areas and dynamic spaces created to play across the fleet. The enhanced onboard programming offers more activities than ever before, including theme nights for the kids. Adults can get in on the gaming fun, too, with free play and sports tournaments on Xbox One S consoles at different venues.

Autism Certification

Autism-Friendly Cruises
Autism on the Seas, a national travel organization catering to guests with autism and other developmental disabilities, awarded Celebrity Cruises with Autism Friendly certification in early 2015. This means there are autism-friendly products and services on board including sensory-friendly films and toys, dietary menu options, and autism-friendly training for Fun Factory staff. “Celebrity Cruises has been exemplary in its efforts,” said Mike Sobbell, founder and president of Autism on the Seas.

Exclusive Autism Toy Lending Catalog
In an effort to deliver top-rated products with both play and educational value, Celebrity Cruises partnered with Fat Brain Toys, one of the most highly regarded toy companies by occupational, physical, and play therapists, to offer an exclusive Autism Friendly Toy Lending Catalog. Also available: non-toxic crayons, markers, water colors, building blocks, dominos, and picture books. Tote bags filled with Fat Brain Toys of choice are available upon request.

Like to call the shots? Try: iTake Video Project

This is no doubt one of the coolest video projects afloat. Budding young directors brainstorm short movie concepts, create storyboards, then head out armed with a GoPro video cam to make their vision a reality. They then learn how to edit the footage in the Celebrity iLounge. The takeaway is a great vacation video and a treasure trove of knowledge.

Family Matters Kids CookingHungry for more? Try: Future Chefs Classes

Young foodies can indulge in a wide range of culinary experiences geared toward the particular tastes of up-and-coming gourmands. There are hands-on classes in cupcake decorating, pizza making, and more. Don’t miss the back-of-the-house tours that let kids see Celebrity’s chefs in action.

Family Matters Facial TreatmentReady to be pampered? Try: Teen Bliss Spa Services

Canyon Ranch SpaClub has a wide range of wellness activities curated for young guests, including a special menu of treatments for teens. During the Teen Skin Care Consultation, expert advice helps budding adults sort through all the confusing information out there about what’s best for young skin. They’ll even learn what ingredients to look for when selecting products for specific skin types.

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