Celebrity Showstoppers—Alaska Edition

Putting the spotlight on entertainment.

Celebrity Showstoppers Performer

High-energy theater productions complete with jaw-dropping contortionists and high-flying aerialists. Sophisticated concerts on the soft green grass at the Lawn Club. Impromptu musical acts in the atrium. Pop-up performances in the lounges. On Celebrity, all the ship’s a stage.

“We’re shaking up perceptions of what shipboard entertainment is all about with widely varied, enticing options throughout the day and night on every ship,” says Becky Thomson Foley, Celebrity’s associate vice president of entertainment. A-list producers, writers, and entertainers are forging bold new trends, producing shows, concerts, and happenings that amaze at every turn.

Quasar Disco Lounge

Quasar, a disco lounge for a late-night crowd.

Building on that premise, Celebrity Cruises sent waves through the industry with an ambitious idea to produce 18 new shows in 18 months. Thomson Foley, who has been in the entertainment business for 27 years, and much of it with the cruise industry, explained, “It started to seem that many of the shows had similar themes, style, choreography, and vocals, and we believed it was time to create something unique,” she said.

So the team traveled the globe to find top-quality performers with something rare to offer—be it a certain speciality act, a vocalist with precise acting skills, or dancers who could perform the intricate and stylized choreography. “We chose to work with so many different creative teams so that whatever show you see, on whatever Celebrity ship, wherever you sail in the world, it would feel like a different experience,” she said.

Entertainers Serenading Guests On Ship

Entertainers serenade guests throughout the ships.

They then brought on sound engineers, lighting designers, and technicians who would create a new look and sound for the shows, bringing the productions to life. Thomson Foley explained that while scenic designers created finishing elements, costume designers understood their drawings had to come to fruition reflecting the spirit of every performer in every show. “It was an incredible challenge, but one we did to show how invested Celebrity is in its entertainment program.”

Not just designed for the theaters, that entertainment program is meant to be experienced throughout the ship with that same energy spreading across the fleet to more intimate venues, which host an ever-changing lineup of jazz ensembles, string quartets, DJs, piano players, and guitarists. So even if you don’t make it to the main performance, your ship’s resident performers, dancers, singers, and guest entertainers are waiting for a chance to impress you with their musical stylings.

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