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From Beluga to Ossetra, farm-raised to wild-caught, caviar has never been more in demand among foodies.

Classically served on a blini with sour cream, freshly chopped shallots, and hard-boiled eggs, caviar has long been a staple of gourmands the world over. With more varieties than ever before available on the market, caviar has never been more popular amongst seasoned chefs and adventurous patrons. Here’s what we learned from Marky’s Caviar in Miami, Florida, about some of the varieties that should most definitely be sampled.

Russian Ossetra Gold: This caviar is produced by one of the most famous and oldest Ossetra fisheries in the world, the Karat in Israel. The fish are imported from the Caspian Sea, where they are raised drinking water from the melting snow at the base of Mount Hermon in Jordan. The firm beads range from medium to large, with a golden-olive to light-brown color, and are filled with a deliciously nutty flavor that bursts in your mouth.

American Paddlefish: Sourced from freshwater sturgeon, this is an entry-level roe. Often called the first-timers caviar for its bold and earthy flavor, it nevertheless has a delicate buttery taste that smooths over the palate.

American Sevruga: The farmed-raised fish from Sturgeon Aquafarms provide the roe for another perfect entry-level caviar. The grains are medium sized, with a slate-gray color and a crunchy texture and they easily separate from each other.

Siberian Sturgeon: Don’t be fooled by the exotic name, this variety is farmed by fisheries in Florida under similar conditions to their native habitat. The shell of the medium-sized beads is very soft and thin, which makes the caviar very delicate. It nearly melts in your mouth brimming the palate with a tender, lightly salted, buttery flavor. This farmed caviar is an excellent choice for connoisseurs seeking the best quality for a reasonable price.

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