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Bottom Bay, Barbados Bottom Bay, Barbados

With 60 beaches on 70 miles of pristine coastline, there’s no wrong choice when it comes to choosing which one to visit. Good news here: they are all open to the public—even the ones in front of private properties and hotels. The quiet white-sand strands along the west coast (the most popular with cruise guests) are dotted with palm trees and gently lapped by water in that oh-so-perfect shade of blue.

On the southeast coast are two of the islands most celebrated beaches: Crane Beach and Bottom Bay, both of which have chairs and umbrellas available to rent. The clear, calm waters to the west offer abundant delights, including shipwreck snorkel experiences, open-water turtle encounters, submarine expeditions, and catamaran sailing tours.

On the island’s less-tame eastern shores, waves can roll for miles before breaking, making them ideal for surfing. Bathsheba Beach, home to the Soup Bowl surf break, is a favorite of the renowned American surfer Kelly Slater, who attests that it is one of the best surfing spots in the world.

In the area of Bathsheba, swaths of white sand stretches along a dramatic coastline framed by rolling hills. The beach is dotted with impressive boulder-size rock sculptures carved from ancient coral by the constant trade winds and pounding waves. Explore the shallow exposed reef or join Bajans for a refreshing soak in the shallow tide polls. Swimming isn’t advised here, except for surfers.

The full impact of the amazing scenery can be fully appreciated from the Gun Hill Signal Station, a historic lookout point set 700 feet above sea level. The panoramic views are undoubtedly the best on the island, and many organized tours make a stop here for photo ops.

Soak in a Bajan sunset from a catamaran enjoying an open bar and elegant refreshments.

Discover Barbados on a 4×4 ATV ride to Harrison’s Cave. Then, board an electric tram for a journey through underground caverns.

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