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Bermuda, Natural Explorations

Bermuda’s stunning unspoiled beauty continues to be protected by the world’s first-ever environmental laws, which date back to the seventeenth century. The former British colony has further embraced its historical eco-movement by banning things such as car rentals and smoking in public places.

Bikers and hikers can safely explore the islands via the original Bermuda Railway Trail, a scenic path that is now restricted to bicyclists and pedestrians. Organized bike tours are a wonderful way to get in some active sightseeing while discovering various points of interest along the way.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve, Bermuda’s largest wildlife sanctuary, is another must-see for nature buffs. Take time to stop and smell the roses along the scenic mile-long walk and check out Jeffrey’s Hole, a cave with a dark past.

And if caves are you thing, descend 120 feet below ground at the Crystal Caves, one of the largest cave systems around. The dramatic stalactites and stalagmites astonish and inspire; it’s no wonder it’s one of Bermuda’s top visitor attractions.

Guests who want to take in the magnificent beauty of the island’s aquatic surroundings should head to the long, sweeping crescent of pink sand at the famous Horseshoe Bay Beach. The sand of the islands’ world-famous pink beaches is actually a combination of crushed coral, calcium carbonate, and the shells of tiny single-celled animals called Foraminifera. Bermuda is known as the Shipwreck Capital of the World with over 300 sunken sites in the surrounding waters, so diving is in abundance here. Tobacco Bay and Achilles Bay on the east side of the island near St. George’s are a snorkeler’s dream come true.

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