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Downtown, Bermuda

Set within a six-acre fortress at the edge of the dockyard is the National Museum of Bermuda. Visitors can explore five hundred years of local history and tour historic buildings, including old munitions warehouses and the superbly restored Commissioner’s House.

Most roads throughout Bermuda are paved and well-maintained, but they can be narrow and busy. Climb aboard the Dockyard Trolley Train to get a complete tour of the dockyard. Pass by sites including Lagoon Park, the Clocktower Centre, and the Royal Naval Cemetery.

Just a short ferry ride or hour drive from the dockyard is the lovely colonial town of Hamilton, the island’s center of international finance and local business. The charming capital is jam-packed with historic buildings, churches, museums, galleries, and gardens.

Along the way to Hamilton, stop to relish breathtaking views from the historic Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, thought to be one of the oldest cast-iron lighthouses in the world. It’s a 200-step trek to get to the top, but the vistas and photo ops are well worth the physical efforts. The iconic landmark also houses a small museum that highlights stories of Bermuda’s seafaring past.

Once in Hamilton, sightseeing agendas often include one of Bermuda’s newest attractions, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the “bird cage” near Queen Street where constables clad in Bermuda shorts direct traffic, Fort Hamilton for a trip back in time, and the pastel storefronts along Front Street.

In St. George’s, the island’s original capital, and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, history buffs delight in the St. George’s Historical Society Museum, the Bermuda National Trust Museum, and the Bermudian Heritage Museum. At the south end near Ordnance Island is St. Peter’s Church, constructed in 1612, today it is the oldest continually operating Anglican church in the New World.

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