Salmon Etc.

322 Mission Street
Ketchikan, Alaska

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General Information

Catch the flavor of Alaska. Premium seafood: Includes custom-made, hand-packed salmon and halibut from the cold, pristine, Alaskan waters. Specialize in shipping seafood, including salmon and halibut fillets, canned smoked salmon, and other specialty products. Pick up a Salmon Etc. catalog and taste free samples of reindeer sausage and smoked salmon. Located under the Welcome Arch.

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One Review of “Salmon Etc.

  • susan steffani

    one of the reasons i book Ketchikan = love this shop! the samples of reindeer sausage and salami’s and the variety of salmon canned and packaged in plastic = great quality. Coming back again in Sept. 2015 for the red label smoked salmon – the best when mixed with cream cheese – fast and easy dip for parties. Love you guys, see ya next year!

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