Jewels & Time

Location 1 Historic Falmouth Cruise Port
Building 2
Falmouth, Jamaica

Location 2 The Shoppes at Rose Hall
Falmouth, Jamaica

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Putting Sparkle in Your Vacation. See the Hearts On Fire diamond before you decide which one to buy. Witness the color change of Mark Henry alexandrites. Try on handmade John Hardy jewelry and Alex and Ani bangles. Choose from watches charged by the sun (Citizen), built in Detroit (Shinola), inspired by the American railroad (Ball), and connect to smartphones (Androids and iPhone).

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3 Reviews for “Jewels & Time

  • Sandi Chizzick

    Thanks. Please have someone be in touch soon. I have to replace this bracelet very soon.

  • Sandi Chizzick

    I recently purchased a John Hardy type bracelet approximately May 27th. I came home and was wearing the bracelet 2 days when I realized it was missing on my arm. The clasp must have been faulty as it loosened up I imagine. I loved this bracelet and it was an anniversary present from my husband. Please give me your phone number so I may contact you. Is there anything you can do for me. We spent $300 the final price as we were on The Oasis and you had discounts for us. It was a rope bracelet with purple, and gold stones. Please help. I am sick about this. Thanks.

    • PortShopping Spree

      Oh no. That’s heartbreaking to hear. Forwarding your message and someone should be in touch shortly.

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