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The Galapagos is a study in the beauty and wonder of Mother Nature. A remote archipelago six hundred miles west of Ecuador, this cluster of islands is a near-perfect habitat for a unique cauldron of about nineteen hundred species found nowhere else on Earth. Beautiful, fragile, and delightfully mysterious, this timeless realm of biological riches is where Charles Darwin, in 1835, began to formulate the theory of natural selection that would subsequently revolutionize our view of the world. And while the island today looks much like it did when Darwin visited, the ship you’ll arrive on is much more advanced than his.

Celebrity Cruises is the only major cruise line that sails in the region. Celebrity Xpedition offers exclusive, all-inclusive voyages with itineraries that call on more than twenty island locations. For the 2015–2016 season, building on ten years of involvement in the Galapagos, Celebrity Cruises continues its commitment to supporting and empowering communities of the region with a medical clinic, fishing and agricultural cooperatives, and a new partnership with the Galapagos Conservancy, which includes a matching program.

For Celebrity Xpedition guests, the cruise line has launched brand-new immersive and breathtaking land excursions that range from dining on authentic Galapagos cuisine prepared by local residents to contributing to the protected islands by giving new life to a native tree species. The new adventures are an included part of the Galapagos cruise experience, which also includes daily naturalist-led lectures and excursions to the untouched islands, its highlands, and its secluded beaches. With ten years in the Galapagos, Celebrity has learned to evolve its vacation to meet the needs of the modern explorer. Read on to learn more about the new Galapagos offerings.

Galapagos Vacation

Galapagos Vacation Essentials

This cruise ship is in a class by itself, designed not just for travel but for exploration of the Galapagos Islands, one of the world’s last pristine environments, thanks to an environmentally sound design. The megayacht sails seven-night itineraries in the Galapagos Islands, departing on Sundays year-round. Galapagos vacations range from seven to fifteen nights; ten-plus-night all-inclusive packages feature exclusive round-trip air to Baltra from Quito, Ecuador, and pre- and post-stays in Quito and Peru, including Machu Picchu.

The Ship:Celebrity Xpedition
Occupancy: 98
Length: 296 ft.
Beam: 49 ft.
Draught: 25 ft.
Cruise Speed: 15 kts

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

The species that gave the Galapagos Islands its name, galápagos is Spanish for tortoises.

Authentic Dining in the Highlands

Dine on delicious, fresh, and local fare at a local family’s farm nestled in the lush highlands of Santa Cruz, Galapagos. During this Celebrity Exclusives experience, guests immerse themselves in a cultural experience directly connected to the local community and the beauty of the island. There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the marvelous views and to tour the farms where giant tortoises roam in their natural habitat.

Scalesia Reforestation ProjectScalesia Reforestation Project

In close collaboration with Galapagos National Park in Santa Cruz, guests guided by Celebrity’s own naturalists have the opportunity to join a reforestation project that seeks to repopulate a forest of the native Scalesia trees. The goal is to plant five thousand trees. The endemic species has lost much of its habitat in the Galapagos, adversely impacting the wildlife that calls the forest home. The project is the first of its kind conducted by a cruise line in conjunction with the Galapagos National Park, giving even more weight to the idea of a meaningful vacation.

FarmersCollaborating with Farmers for Onboard Menus

Celebrity has always taken pride in offering a unique and quality dining experience on board its ships. Celebrity Xpedition reflects the cruise line’s efforts to preserve the natural conditions and support local growers and farmers in the Galapagos region. Guests can enjoy savory Ecuadorian ceviche, roasted fresh-caught fish, soups, and local desserts such as tres leches cake. A variety of the locally caught, sustainable fish and seafood, vegetables, and fruits served on board are sourced directly from Galapagos fishermen and farmers, ensuring the longevity of the program and promoting quality, locally sourced food on the one-of-a-kind menu.

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